Cedar Springs Farm is a family owned farm located in historic McLemore Cove -- a beautiful grassland valley with pristine water in northwest Georgia between Pigeon Mountain and Lookout Mountain.  For over 100 years, the farmers in this area have raised beef and dairy cattle.  Over 30 years ago, our family purchased approximately 1,000 acres in this valley and continued the traditions in dairy and beef cattle.  In recent years, our two daughters, Clare and Eve, have become interested in sustainable farming and the production of grass-fed beef without added hormones or antibiotics.  In 2006, a local farmer, Steve Chapman and his wife Rosalind, and our family, decided to raise all grass-fed beef.  Our first beef came to market in 2008 and we are committed to raising quality grass-fed beef in a humane way without added hormones or any antibiotics.  Our markets are local farmers' markets, local grocery stores, restaurants, and families and individuals who are interested in the health benefits of grass-fed beef and our production methods.

Horace Sibley